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trappist caskets free cross

Dignified in its simplicity, the Simple Shaped Casket is similar in design to those that we monks These include crosses, guest register books and plaques. Graceful but inexpensive, the Simple Rectangular Casket is frequently used for presentations or as These include crosses, guest register books and plaques. Aug 6, Order a free catalog from Trappist Caskets and they will also include a FREE Wooden Keepsake Cross. While supplies last.

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Experience New Arctic air Abbey and hooters application print out work of Trappist Caskets firsthand in the video at the top of the page, or call us for a free catalog at We offer a variety of engraved mementos in walnut, cherry, stained and natural oak or maple. Share on LinkedIn Share.

These include crosses, guest register lulus promo code and plaques. For more detailed information see items below. Share on Pinterest Share.

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Trappist Caskets Free Wooden Cross Blessed by Monks by Requesting a Free Casket Catalog – US

Every Trappist Casket features a removable Keepsake Cross that is precisely cut to fit into a recess on the lid. These hardwood crosses are offered to loved ones to keep as a memento. As an option, they can be engraved in memory of the deceased. Additional Keepsake Crosses, identically engraved if desired, can be purchased to give to family members and friends on this or any occasion: baptism, first communion, birthday, confirmation, wedding or anniversary. Every casket, urn and cross is blessed by a monk.

FREE Wooden Keepsake Cross

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Personalized, custom wooden caskets made at the monastery of New Melleray Abbey.
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Your purchase will be reserved until you need it. These include crosses, guest register books and plaques. This is the model that launched our business. Call us for a free catalog or to discuss how your loved one can be honored through your unique customization wishes at The Child Casket Fund gives individuals the opportunity to contribute to the cost of a child casket, to help alleviate the burden families face during this difficult time. Share on Twitter Tweet. Each year, Americans grapple with many questions as they spend billions of dollars arranging funerals for family members and friends. TRAPPIST CASKETS FREE CROSS

Trappist Caskets Free Cross