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Our vets have put together a special Pet First Aid guide with handy tips, advice and steps to follow if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation where your . Sep 20, Taking care of your pet is super important, so the folks over at RSPCA are giving away free First Aid Guides to help you look after your pet the. RSPCA launches free pet fur-st aid guide. Pet First Aid Guide. Charity aims for pet owners to be prepared in a crisis. Do you know how to carry out CPR on your . PET FIRST AID GUIDE RSPCA

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RSPCA's Pet First Aid Guide

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Dishes you can freeze how to give a dog CPR and what to do if a dog has stopped breathing or is choking. Many of us have had first aid training which would allow us to help in a case of human health emergency. But what about when our dogs are in need of medical intervention fast — could you help? To find out exactly how to help our dogs in a number of life-threatening situations, we asked the RSPCA to share their official advice.

First aid for pets is a vital skill for both pet owners and industry professionals to possess. Despite all the planning and know-how, accidents occur. Mistakes will happen. The key is being prepared and having the skills up your sleeve to act quickly and appropriately. Unfortunately there are myriad instances where pet first aid can come into play.


You should be guided by your knowledge of your pet and lindt canada newsletter of the particular circumstances to decide whether or how hibbets use the information in this guide. Wolverine coupon code guide is not a substitute for veterinary care, which should be sought if your pet suffers an injury, accident or illness. We hope you never have to use this guide. But if the worst does happen it will give you vital first aid advice that could save your pets life. Please remember, this guide is not a substitute for veterinary care and you should speak to your vet for first aid advice specific to your pets breed.

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First Aid Tips for Pet Owners
pet first aid guide rspca