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Citi Diamond Preferred Card - Read unbiased reviews of Citi Diamond Preferred Card, rated out of 5 stars by users. The Citi Diamond Preferred® Card is an excellent balance transfer credit card, offering 0% intro APR for 18 months on purchases and balance transfers. Make the most of great savings with the Citi® Diamond Preferred® card.

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It is a very pretty card, but beyond amazon miele vacuum bags, no real incentives. Automatic Account Alerts Alerts keep you informed and stress-free. Find the Right Card for You.

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Sign up path of exile support pack giveaway site log in to see your Approval Odds. From Cardholders in the last year. Their interest rates are quite high even for people with good scores mine hovers in the range.

The Citi Diamond Preferred offers a competitive introductory period for transferring a balance, but its balance transfer fee is high. This offer is no longer available on our site. The Citi Diamond Preferred card offers a lengthy introductory period for both balance transfers and new purchases, but its APR is high. If you are interested in consolidating your debt from high-interest credit cards, the card might be perfect for you.

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A credit card that offers an introductory 0% balance transfer period longer than 18 months is a diamond in the rough. Or, to be precise, the Citi® Diamond. Sep 23, The Citi Diamond Preferred card is a good credit card with no annual fee and excellent balance transfer terms. The Citi Diamond Preferred Credit Card is popular for its introductory 0% APR period and balance transfers, but is it worth getting? Read more to find out. The Citi Diamond Preferred® Card is an excellent balance transfer credit card, offering 0% intro APR for 18 months on purchases and balance transfers. Aug 27, If you're carrying high interest debt, the Citi® Diamond Preferred Card® offers the longest 0% APR introductory offer in the business. With this. Dec 27, Citi ® Diamond Preferred ® Card- 21 Month Balance Transfer Offer, a partner card issued by Citibank, is one of our top rated 0% balance. citi diamond - Citi Diamond Preferred Card Offer | themormonbachelorette Citi Diamond

Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card Review: One of the Best Low Interest Cards Around

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Our Verdict:. Security Center - Learn more about identity theft and fraud. If you use the 0 percent introductory APR to buy a big-ticket item, make sure you can pay the card off before the introductory period is over. Business Cards. Travel Cards. You could use that time to become completely debt-free in under two years. Customer Service 3 out of 5 stars. The regular Sign On. CITI DIAMOND

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