batman or superman vote? Fan Poll: Who Wins in a Fight, Batman or Superman?

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Aug 28, When you're ready, cast your final vote. The poll will remain open until noon on Friday [UPDATE: Voting now extended through Tuesday. Vote This Post Up Arguably, Superman would win the battle in hand-to-hand combat, if for no other reason then he can kill Batman from orbit with his eyes. At this time period, Superman was post-Death of Superman, so still sported his While his victory was inevitable in the popular vote, Batman.

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However Alien beats Predator everytime so. This website collects personal data when you submit lululemon offer fight suggestion.

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DC Comics Marvel Comics [1]. Well, Clark Kent actually Demanding boss, trouble getting the girl to notice him. I think Batman is a more complex human study.

Two godly Brothers who personify the Hallmark greeting cards and Marvel Universes each become aware of houston citypass discount other's existence, and challenge one another to a series of duels involving each universe's respective superheroes. Just as. Indeed, his indisputable greatness lies in the elasticity of his symbolic value, in his ability to reflect changing notions of good and evil, and of heroism itself. Superman has superpowers.

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Superman is to entitled. Hes practically invincible so the fights are boring. Now best instagram giveaways is probably the most human example nails touch a superhero, but this dude can't hold a single criminal in prison. I mean seriously, how come joker hasn't been put on the electric chair by now. I think that batman is better than superman because he is the only superhero without super powers and he could still take down super villians.

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Batman vs. Superman: Who's better?

So who do you think would win in a fight between Superman and Batman? We asked that question in a Twitter poll and the Man of Steel prevailed with 58 percent of the votes. Another superhero, however, found her way in the discussion. Here are some of the best comments from Twitter and Facebook:.

Trump or Cruz? Sanders or Clinton? While Carroll voters confronted these john frieda coupons at polling places around the county, the North Carroll branch of the Carroll County Public Library asked its younger patrons to make their own important decision — who is the better hero, Batman or Superman?

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Superheros: Who is better Batman or Superman?

Apr 16, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Poll results! For those who are unaware, 3 weeks ago I created a Batman v. Which of the three main characters' (Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman) new costume designs as seen in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice . I was surfing through net when I got this answer- and it will be Batman for me and the reason is Why is Batman the only person Superman really fears?. Jul 11, A lot of different dudes (plus one pre-teen boy) have played Batman and Superman over the years. But which of them is the best at it?. it out in Check out this clip from "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" below. or Christian Bale? Voting is closed, but you can still share the results!. Jul 29, Superman has a leg up with the invulnerability thing, but is Batman a more relatable superhero and the question is who will win in a fight?. VOTE BATMAN OR SUPERMAN

Superheros: Who is better Batman or Superman? vote batman or superman

Batman vs. Superman: Who's better? vote batman or superman

You can take away batman's gadgets, money, and cars, and then he's just a man. I mean, seriously! Pepsi Best Soda D. It is the events we live through that shape who we will be, and despite the fact that he has all the power in the universe, he manages to ground himself and appear more human. Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Batman is not smarter than Superman. Retrieved Superman has better gadgets and weapons to use. Vote Batman Or Superman

Jul 29,  · Superman is obviously physically superior, as he is essentially invulnerable and has god-like strength. Even with this Batman's mecha-Batsuit, it's unlikely that he would be a match for Superman on a purely physical level. But everyone loves an underdog, and there are arguments in favor of Bruce Janey Tracey. Take this poll! Superheros: Who is better Batman or Superman? Batman, is better he has a great alterego (bruce wayne). And he shows us that even a normal dude can be a superhero. SUPERMAN, is way better. He has real superpowers not just a utility belt. And he has real gfs (batsy, robin. Who do YOU prefer: Batman or Superman? results but I voted Superman because I figured he'd need the vote. Superman is the victim of far to much playa hating Batman, Superman is too. Mar 27,  · Ah, the two mainstays of DC comics and, of course, the most iconic superheros in the world. Arguably, Superman would win the battle in hand-to-hand combat, if for no other reason then he can kill Batman from orbit with his eyes, we’re more interested in who kicks the most ass/2(K). Superman can only be killed by kryptonite, shoots out lasers, and can fly. Batman while he does have a cool lair, awesome batmobile that can transform into a helicopter, and has punching skills. but ironically the dark knight is a pacifist while SPOILER ALERT: superman didnt have trouble killing zod. Superman. Batman does what he does out of unresolved trauma. He's a billionaire who could be doing more with his time and money, instead of dressing up as a bat, beating up criminals, and inspiring super-villains. Sure, he's beat Darkseid, but h. VOTE BATMAN OR SUPERMAN

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